Red Wine - Essay II

Red Wine - Essay II - Ashay Mehta Humanties 101-H05 Mr....

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Ashay Mehta Humanties 101-H05 Mr. Kimmelman Essay 2 – Draft 3.1 Red Wine: The King of Refreshments Red wine is immune to time. Alright, this statement may be a bit of a stretch. If you were to age red wine for, maybe, five years, I guarantee that the taste would be significantly better (“Avoid Common Wine Myths”). So, what if we compare red wine to other drinks? Wine does spoil, though, but the time it takes for this drink to spoil is much longer than most other refreshments, thus earning its name as “The King.” Most drinks would fall to their knees and bow to the greatness of red wine. Now, can this majestic drink compare with man when speaking in terms of time? Although these two are not in the same category, if you could see the argument from where the person is judged, based upon their gradual degradation over time, then you would be able to see that wine is better in that respect. So, if you were to take an individual, who didn’t take care of himself, and studied his progression over time, you would find that that person would normally not function as well over time. Yet, red wine only becomes more superior as time passes. So the red wine should take its seat on the throne of replenishment because
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Red Wine - Essay II - Ashay Mehta Humanties 101-H05 Mr....

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