Roman Gladiators

Roman Gladiators - Ashay Mehta Dr. Tobias HUM-211H Roman...

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Ashay Mehta Dr. Tobias HUM-211H Roman Gladiators The Romans did not like to not be entertained. They kept themselves entertained so they could get through the day. They played games, watched plays and shows of sorts. But the most popular were the gladiator games. These were a true spectacle of valor, life and death. These gladiators fought for more than their lives. They fought for respect and a chance to maybe become free men. These men faced the ultimate battle as they chose the side of life or death depending on their skill. These games were a great show and an even better to socialize. One could relate to another if they both watched a certain gladiator match. This also helped the political scene. Emperors always tried to outdo the last emperor by having their games last longer and be more extravagant. The gladiators were dressed differently, trained differently and were usually lesser men of the society while the higher social classes watched enthusiastically. These games are a major part of Roman life. The Romans believed that they inherited the practice of gladiatorial games from the Etruscans who used them as part of a funeral ritual. We don't have any evidence, however, that the Etruscans, in fact, did any such thing. The first gladiatorial games were offered in Rome in 264 BCE by sons of Junius Brutus in his honor after he had died. Gladiatorial combat became a very popular form of public spectacle very quickly in
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Roman Gladiators - Ashay Mehta Dr. Tobias HUM-211H Roman...

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