Terrorism - Ashay Mehta Article Review "How Terrible...

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Ashay Mehta Article Review “How Terrible Is It?” Hon. Hist.213 – Prof. Saltzman Terrorism…in the the wake of the twenty-first century, it is the biggest threat known to Americans. But how much terror do these radical groups actually spread? The Bush administration has declared “war” on terrorism yet 81% of people have shown that terrorism is something they are just going to have to live with as shown by a poll taken by CBS. (Page 2). The reality of the situation is that the usage of terrorism to get a message across has been used long before this century. Many groups since the 1800s have used terrorism to get their points across. It has just been a main point since September 11 th , 2001, which was the first major attack on American soil. So it has been brought to the spotlight by the Bush Administration. The administration has waged a global war on terrorism rather addressing the issues on why the terrorists on crusading against America in the first place. Most terrorist organizations compiled on the list that the State Department has does not even pose a threat to the United States. Louise Richardson, a Harvard professor, listed twelve main ideas in her book on what terrorism is all about, how to deal with and what ignites it in the first place. Essentially, America has “bone headedly” started something that simply has no end. Terrorism will always be around as a means to get a message across but you can’t wage a war against an ideology or a way of life for those who are weaker to approach those who are stronger. So the agenda of the Bush administration reverted inadvertently from addressing al-Qaeda to countries with weapons of mass destruction. The basic question posed now is…is
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terrorism really as big of a threat to the world as the United States is saying it is or are we just amplifying the situation to show no weakness as an international superpower? Rodenbeck bases his arguments off of many cases and readings with solid evidence showing that the Bush administration has faultily called a war against the wrong foe. Of course, anyone who attacks the United States is an enemy of the United States. So shouldn’t we center our focus on al-Qaeda rather than terrorism as a whole? This is
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Terrorism - Ashay Mehta Article Review "How Terrible...

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