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stem cell - due to limited funding and sources and how...

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Raj Darji Andrew Mashintonio Bio-101 Stem Cell Discussion  Stem cells are a potential replacement for injured neurons (nerve cells). One potential source of “stem” cells is from human embryos. Less than a week after conception cells in an embryo begin to “differentiate”, they begin to form specific types of cells, such as bone cells, red blood cells, heart muscle cells, and so on. Stem cells are simply cells that can differentiate into other types of cells. Early in the life of an embryo stem cells have the potential to differentiate into the more than two hundred types of cells in a human body. This is the beauty of human advancement in the field of biotechnology and biomedical engineering that we are able to get that in-depth knowledge. As of the fact that all good inventions are surrounded by controversies, stem cells are too. Two main ideas mentioned in the articles are one is that how development is restricted
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Unformatted text preview: due to limited funding and sources and how religious ethics conflict with the modern day science. My personal reaction to the first idea is that the government should not make decisions while always considering religious ethics. If done so always then the development of mankind would only be limited to the standards of the bible and not to that of the modern humanity. Thus funding and necessary articles must be made available when ever needed. My reaction to that of the second idea is that religious ideas always seem to have conflicted with modern science. So one should keep his/her religion and mind and consider a fact that isn’t stopping development of mankind against religion as it always supports the developments for a long lasting and happy life....
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