Ode to the Book I

Ode to the Book I - ODE TO THE BOOK(I 1 Book when I close...

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O DE TO THE B OOK (I) 1 5 10 15 Book, when I close you I open life. I hear half-severed cries among harbors. Copper ingots cross the sand-pits go down to Tocopilla. It’s nighttime. Among the islands our ocean throbs with fish. It touches the feet, the thighs, the chalk ribs of my country. The whole night sticks to its shores And with the daylight it appears singing as if it had wakened a guitar. Juxtaposition and parallel structure between the actually living and gaining experience versus simply reading about other people’s experiences Short lines with enjambment create fast pace/increase rhythm to show the bustling activity in the country/Tocopilla. Auditory imagery created through the “half-severed cries” which create a busy yet calm atmosphere Vast amount of water and activity at the ocean shore emphasized through the use of kinetic diction in the word “throbs” Vastness of oceans and workers at shore described using euphemism in “chalky ribs” for emasculate worker Transition to day described using metaphor of a peaceful sounding guitar All these vivid descriptions to show that experiencing is better than just reading Endearing tone throughout this stanza – he
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Ode to the Book I - ODE TO THE BOOK(I 1 Book when I close...

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