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NERUDA REVIEW The Word (Page 213) Speaker explains the history of the first word. And the way in the which the “cascade” of its initial utterance “still falls and falls” Progression of the Poem: Historical Significance of Language: Words came from “dead fathers and wandering races” and through language people “united new land and water, to sow their word once again” Neruda describes the growth of the word as arduous and as a metaphor, he compares languages to tribes that seek to gain new land to sow, implying that language is just like those early tribes, always growing and gaining new regions. “…the settlements set out and arrived/ and new lands and water reunited/ to sow their word anew.” (570) Words are “the air that connects us with the buried man and with the dawn of the new beings that haven’t yet arised”. Language is universal and has existed throughout time, and will continue to exist in the future, connecting us to our forefathers and our offspring still to come. The Atmospheric Impact of the First Word: “It emerged from darkness, and even now there is no thunder that thunders with the iron sound of that word first uttered” or he considers that perhaps “it was just a whisper, a raindrop, but its cascade still falls and falls”. The world was ‘dark’ before the first word was uttered, but its thunderous impact had a continuous and lasting impact on humanity. The Word becomes Pregnant with Meaning and Evolves into Human Language: “Later on, meaning fills the word. It stayed pregnant and was filled with lives”. Its existence became the “essence” of human life. “hereditary goblet that receives the communications of the blood” language becomes the bloodline of humanity. “I drink to the word, raising a word or crystalline cup, in it I drink the wine of language of unfathomable water” Style: Enjambment, lyric poem, strophic form
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Blood Imagery: “born in blood”, “blood to blood” shows how the word was born out of humans and has been a part of our nature. Also the idea of bloodline, the word and language evolves as it is passed down. . Water Imagery: “Even now there is no thunder that thunders with the iron sound”, “a raindrop, but its cascade still falls and falls. Metaphor the first word ever uttered and itrs lasting impact on human life. Comparison to water shows the free flowing nature of words and how they cascade together (like raindrops) to form a greater stream of water (i.e. language). “I utter and I am” allusion to Descartes, human existence is based on language, he adopts an identity from the words he speaks. Tone =
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NERUDA REVIEW - NERUDA REVIEW The Word (Page 213) Speaker...

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