Healthy Eating Plan - Healthy Eating Plan Comparison By...

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Healthy Eating Plan Comparison By Roger Williams Axia College Student SCI/241 Aurora Merry January 30, 2010
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At the beginning of this class I did a healthy eating plan, and used the website to input information about my diet and exercise habits. My initial numbers were not very good according to the recommend daily allowances on the website, and my diet and exercise habits were not what I wanted them to be at that time. Now I am working on eating healthier, and my exercise habits are much better than they were. In the original CheckPoint, most of my food intakes were well under what was normal, except for my fruit intakes. Milk was at zero compared to their recommend of 3 cups, and my milk is still under but is now at .3 cups so it is an improvement. The original meat and beans intake 5.7 oz compared to a recommend of 7oz, and my new meat and beans intake are at 15.3oz so it is now over by double. My vegetables intake was originally .3 cup as compared to a recommend of 3.5 cup, and that is now 1.7 cup, which is also an improvement from my original starting intake. My original fruits intake were higher than the compared recommend, which was 4.4 cups versus the recommend of 2.5 cups, and my intake now is a little lower down one cup to 3.4 cups. My grains intake was originally at 3.7 oz compared to the recommend of 10 oz, and my new grains intake is 6.1 oz. I have changed my diet and have added an exercise regimen to my daily
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Healthy Eating Plan - Healthy Eating Plan Comparison By...

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