Deserts - Deserts, Glaciers, and Climate By Roger Williams...

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Deserts, Glaciers, and Climate By Roger Williams Axia College Student SCI/ 245 Danielle Jannusch April 4, 2010
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Deserts and glaciers are two very different geological formations, but both have one thing in common; they drastically change the landscape of an area. Deserts are the result of an arid condition, with less than 250 millimeters of rainfall per year. The wind plays a major factor in shaping the land of a desert, through the processes of abrasion and deflation the wind erodes the surface. (V. Gusarov 2010) This wind erosion shapes the landscape by creating dunes, which are deposits of sand. Dunes can be recognized by their slopes, with a gentle slope on the windward side and a steep slope on the leeward side. There are five common types of dunes, barchan, transverse, star, parabolic, and longitudinal. Water erosion plays a part in the process as well; since the land is dry and baron any rainfall turns into flash floods and erodes the land. There are five different types of deserts, subtropical, rainshadow, coastal, continental, polar, and interior, with polar and subtropical deserts being the result of globular wind currents that create dry high-pressure areas. Glaciers are mass forms of ice that move across the landscape, and are formed by the compaction of snow crystals and the recrystallization of small ice crystals into larger ones. The size of the glaciers can change each year because of accumulation and ablation,
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Deserts - Deserts, Glaciers, and Climate By Roger Williams...

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