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Lecture Notes 1 - Untitled September 04, 2007 E3101:...

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Unformatted text preview: Untitled September 04, 2007 E3101: Introduction to Linear Algebra Prof. Marc Spiegelman: 211 Mudd Office Hours 1:45-2:45 Tu/Thurs Course Website: www.ldeo.columbia.edu/~mspieg/e3101 Lecture 01: Introduction to Linear Algebra Introduction and Rationale Course Logistics Scalars and Vectors: properties and operations Why Linear Algebra? It's Easy! (at least the mechanics...) It's Deep: fundamental concepts (bases, vector spaces, orthogonality, projections, eigen values/vectors...) are essential for advanced mathematics (PDE's, Functional Analysis, Numerical analysis...). But these ideas are much easier in Linear Algebra! It's Practical: Central to many applications Scientific Computing Google Page Rank Data Analysis Computer Graphics Network analysis (social/genomic) An example application: Numerical models of the Hawaiin Hotspot (www.geodynamics.org) Purpose of this course: To teach all three aspects of linear algebra and develop a fundamental fluency in mechanics, theory and applications Course Logistics: 2 Lectures per week 1 Homework per week (usually due tuesdays, 20% of grade) Text: Strang - Introduction to Linear Algebra, 3rd Edition 2 Midterms (20% per quiz) 1 Final (40% of grade) Want to do well? Do the work......
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Lecture Notes 1 - Untitled September 04, 2007 E3101:...

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