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Recitation Session 01 - 2ݔ ଵ ൅ ݔ ଶ , given that the...

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rax 08 Recitation 10.02 1.- Duality Given the following LP: ܯ݅݊ 4ܽ ൅3ܽ s.t.: ൅ܽ െܽ ൌ10 ܽ െܽ ൅2ܽ െܽ ൒6 ܽ ൅3ܽ െܽ ൒3 ܽ ൒0 ܽ ൒0 a. Determine its Dual Problem b. Formulate the Complementary Slackness conditions 2.- Simple Simplex Problem Suppose you want to find the maximum value of the equation
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Unformatted text preview: 2ݔ ଵ ൅ ݔ ଶ , given that the first number is not more than 2 units higher than the second, their sum should be less than 6, and both of them are non-negative. a. Formulate the problem and graph the feasible space b. Transform the problem into standard form c. Solve using the Simplex Method, starting with the basic feasible solution (0, 0) and indicating in the graph the solutions you arrive after each iteration...
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