A Microfinance MIS Checkpoint

A Microfinance MIS Checkpoint - customers and all of their...

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1 A Microfinance MIS Checkpoint Jade Anderson University of Phoenix
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2 A Microfinance MIS Checkpoint The Mifos software is very interesting and would be extremely helpful to a business. When I was looking at this demonstration, I kept picturing a bank using this program. It’s a great information system that allows the filing of accounts, loans, and customers. It has a convenient navigation bar that makes using this program easier (Mifos Demonstration Video, 2010). The navigation bar includes a home, clients and accounts, reports, and admin features. The home link brings you back the main screen which allows for a place in which you can return to if you need to start over or begin doing something different. The clients and accounts link allows you to bring up your
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Unformatted text preview: customers and all of their information. This could include their address, phone numbers, and other basic information, or it could also include their account information like payments and balances. The reports link allows for you to sort the information neatly. It is also a great way to find discrepancies and other problems. And administration allows you to edit your settings (Mifos Demonstration Video, 2010). This would be a great program for a business to have. It sorts things neatly and allows quick access to important information. 3 REFERENCES Mifos Demonstration Video (2010) Retrieved on March 21, 2010 from: http://www.mifos.org/about/marketing-resources/Mifos%20Software%20Demonstration.wmv/view...
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A Microfinance MIS Checkpoint - customers and all of their...

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