Online Auction - to go large-scale they could make really...

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1 Online Auction Jade Anderson University of Phoenix
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2 Online Auction eBay is a website designed to help people sell items or buy items depending on their reasons for frequenting the site (eBay, 2010). A person can post an item on the website under an appropriate category (eBay, 2010). Said person can then begin an auction in which potential buyers will try to out bid each other for the item (eBay, 2010). The advantage to this is that a person can buy something at a really great price if they bid on it correctly. However, the downside is that as the seller, you may not always get the price you want for the item. On a small scale, not getting a good price is not a very good thing for the seller. However, if a business were
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Unformatted text preview: to go large-scale, they could make really great money on eBay, even if they do not always get the price they want. If I wanted to start and e-tail business, I do not think I’d choose eBay. I do not like the idea of bidding, and Craig’s List is another website that is similar to eBay but does not involve auctions. I would like to set a firm price on my item, and then go from there. This way, I will get the asking price rather than whatever the bidding stops at. 3 REFERENCES: eBay (2010) Learning Center. Retrieved on March 27, 2010 from
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Online Auction - to go large-scale they could make really...

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