Problems at JetBlue

Problems at JetBlue - In addition to the poor technology,...

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1 Problems at JetBlue Jade Anderson University of Phoenix
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2 Problems at JetBlue The problems at JetBlue were a combination of poor choices by the managers and information technology that was lacking. Because of these two things, JetBlue made a major mess out of a situation that could have been entirely avoided. The first thing that was done wrong was the initial choice of IT programs. The managers in charge of overseeing what programs were being used should have known that this technology would not work if there were extreme circumstances. This poor judgment made the problem amplify because once the crowd got to JetBlue, there were no programs that could rebook the flights or even find their luggage.
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Unformatted text preview: In addition to the poor technology, the managers made the choice of not canceling the flights right away. Because of this mistake, people waited around on flights that they thought would be taking off soon. Then more and more people arrived. Once the flights were finally canceled, it was too late because there were already crowds of people filling the airport. If allowed the chance to change things at JetBlue, I would have had the proper programs in place when the airport first opened for business. Once a storm hits, my management teams would have been better trained. They would have known that the flights should be canceled and rebooked....
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Problems at JetBlue - In addition to the poor technology,...

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