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Unformatted text preview: Problem 1-30 1. Discuss the ethical considerations that Marie Allen should recognize in deciding how to proceed. If Marie does not proceed as instructed by her superior she could potentially lose her job. However, if she does not process the information honestly she is misrepresenting the information to the board. Either way she may lose her job since if she follows instructions the board can later on request for her dismissal for not informing them properly and if she does follow directions her supervisor may let her go for not following directions. This is a lose/lose situation. 2. Explain what ethical responsibilities should be accepted by: ( a ) the controller, ( b ) the quality control engineer, and ( c ) the plant manager. A. Controller- needs to ethically stand behind her employee and support her decision to explain the financial impact this may have on the company for the future. Good/Bad or indifferent it is the accounting departments responsibility to inform the financial situation of the company. B. The Quality Control Engineer Needs to take responsibility that the product has quality issues and the item needs to be reworked, ethically this person needs to consider the future negative impact the quality would have on its customers C. Plant Manager That there is a manufacturing problem and the staff needs to work out these issues, mitigation, control and implementation plan needs to be giving to the board. 3. What should Marie Allen do? Explain your answer. Sometimes people need to consider go above their direct supervisor to do the right thing. Marie has a difficult situation ahead of her. What Marie should do is get with the plant manager and quality control engineer question how much time they need to resolve the issue or come up with an alternative and then at the time of the presentation give additional information to the issue.additional information to the issue....
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ACC605_week1_problems_fcordero[1] - Problem 1-30 1. Discuss...

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