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American University of Beirut Department of Computer Science CMPS 209- Spring 2007 Sample Questions Page 1 of 5 The purpose of this sample is to provide you with an idea about the style of questions you will expect to see in the exam. It does not neccesarily reflect the actual difficulty level of the questions you will solve in the midterm. I. True or False: 1- Microsoft Office Excel 2007 is the presentation program in Microsoft Office2007. 2- Saving a workbook means loading an existing workbook file from a disk into the program window. 3- If a cell is not long enough to display all the cell’s contents, extra text extends into the next cells if there is room. 4- A cell theme is a collection of formatting characteristics you apply to a cell or range of data. 5- By default, Excel is set to print pages in landscape orientation. 6- In Excel, each formula begins with a quotation mark (“). 7- COUNT CELLS determine how many entries are included in the range. 8- A procedure consists of step-by-step instructions that tell the computer how to operate. 9- Connectivity of computers can be achieved via telephone lines, cable, satellite or wireless devices. 10- Output devices translate processed information from the computer into a form that humans can understand. 11- Audience handouts, speaker notes, and electronic slides are all components of a worksheet file. 12- Graphics programs, audio/video editors, multimedia creation programs, Web authoring, and virtual reality programs are examples of general-purpose applications. 13- The three most widely used word processing programs are Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect, and Lotus Word Pro. 14- An embedded object is automatically updated when the source document changes. 15- A warm boot occurs when the computer is already on, and you restart it without turning off the power. 16- Linking two or more documents generally requires a network operating system. 17- Linux is an example of a non-proprietary operating system. 18- Destktop operating systems are also called embedded operating systems
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Page 2 of 5 II. Fill in the Blanks: 1- The purpose of _________ is to convert data unprocessed facts into information or processed facts. 2- A(n) _______is used to navigate, explore, and find information on the Internet. 3-
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209-Sample_Midterm_Questions - American University of...

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