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Assignments for Linear Classifiers, and SVM Note: Exercises without “*” are required for everyone. You are welcome to do those with “*” if interested in them, however, they will not be taken into account when giving scores. 1. In the multicategory case, a set of samples is said to be linearly separable if there exists a linear machine that can classify them all correctly. If any samples labeled i ϖ can be separated from all others by a single hyperplane, we shall say the samples are totally linearly separable . Give examples to show that totally linearly separable samples must be linearly separable, but that the converse need not be true. 2. A set of samples is said to be pairwise linearly separable if there exist () 12 cc hyperplanes ij H such that ij H separates samples labelled i from samples j . Give examples to show that a pairwise-linearly-separable set of patterns may not be linearly separable.
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786209195_3_HW-Linear-KNN-SVM - Assignments for Linear...

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