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Phys 299 Quiz 2 solution ch 21 2010

Phys 299 Quiz 2 solution ch 21 2010 - Phys 299 Your...

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Phys 299 Your Name: ______ SOLUTIONS_ __________ Your List# ________________ May 23, 2010 QUIZ 2 Due : Wed May 26 in class. Submit your written work on the back of this sheet only. Mark Scantron in class. Q.1. If more electric field lines point into a balloon than come out of it, you can conclude that this balloon must contain more negative charge than positive charge. A) True B) False Q.2. If a gaussian surface contains no charges, then the electric field at its surface must be zero. A) True B) False Q.3. A nonconducting sphere contains a uniform distribution of negative charge. For points inside this sphere, as you get closer and closer to the center, the electric field gets weaker and weaker. A) True B) False Q.4. An excess charge Q is added to an isolated metal object of irregular shape. No matter how you change the shape of this metal object, this excess charge will always be found on its outside surface if it remains isolated A) True B) False Q.5. Four protons and four electrons are located inside a pyramid and are separate from each other.
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