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Solution Phys 299 2010 Quiz 3 Chapter 22 Q.1 As an electron moves from a high potential to a low potential, its electrical potential energy A) increases. Q.2. In the figure, charge is placed on the piece of copper. How will the charge be distributed on the object? C) with greatest density near point C on the surface Q.3. Suppose a region of space has a uniform electric field, directed towards the right, as shown below. Which statement is true? C) The voltage at points A and B are equal, and the voltage at point C is lower than the voltage at point A. Q.4. If the potential along the z-axis is directly proportional to the distance z along that axis, then the z component of the electric field must be constant along the z-axis. A) True Q.5. A parallel plate capacitor contains a positively charged plate on the left, and a negatively charged plate on the right. An electron in between the plates is moving to the right. Which statement is true? A) The potential energy of the electron is increasing and it is moving to a region having a lower potential.
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