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Schism in Islam Divisions in Islam have their origins in politics rather than dogma. Medinan state during the Prophet’s life: theocracy or theo-democracy? Death of the Prophet and the first major crisis in the Muslim community . .. How was it resolved? The oldest and the deepest cleavage in Islam is the sectarian division of Muslims into three camps: Khawārij (Khārijites), the Shīʿa ( Shīʿat ʿAlī =The partisans of ʿAlī), and the Sunnī ( Ahl al-sunna waʾl-jamāʿa= The people of the [established] custom [of the Prophet] and community). Historical view of these divisions and how the sectarian groups developed – Political ideas/theories – from wrangling over personalities/leadership of the community to doctrinal and theoretical debates – political theories of the three groups: Shīʿa: theory of the Imamate Sunnī: theory of the Caliphate Khawārij: rejection of both the Sunnī & the Shīʿī position … more democratic? Khawārij:
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Schism-9 - Lecture Handout

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