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CHAPTER 1—THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Politics is a. a process that regulates conflict within a society. b. a struggle over power or influence within organizations or informal groups. c. a type of anti-social behavior by individuals. d. fundamentally irrelevant. e. both a and b. ANS: E REF: Politics and Government 2. Government is a. in America, the president. b. any institution that has the power to enforce rules. c. any club or organization that allocates values. d. the preeminent institution in society. e. who gets what, when, and how. ANS: D REF: Politics and Government 3. One of the original purposes of government is a. security, or order. b. liberty, or freedom. c. promoting equality among citizens. d. promoting economic development. e. both c and d. ANS: A REF: Why Is Government Necessary? 4. In the days immediately after U.S.-led coalition forces defeated Saddam Hussein's army in Iraq, a. Iraqis showered the occupation troops with rose petals. b. the occupation forces reorganized the Iraqi army. c. occupation forces committed abuses against prisoners. d. Christianity was legalized in Iraq. e. widespread looting and disorder broke out. ANS: E REF: Why Is Government Necessary? 5. Liberty is a. a value that can be invoked against government. b. a value that can be promoted by government. c. both a and b. d. incompatible with government. e. a uniquely American value. ANS: C REF: Why Is Government Necessary? 6. Governments have authority a. when they are first organized. b. as long as they have popular legitimacy. c. because they control the army and police. d. by definition.
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e. both c and d. ANS: E REF: Why Is Government Necessary? 7. To say that authority is legitimate is to a. state the obvious. b. suggest an obligation to comply with its decisions. c. imply that the ruler has not always been perceived as the legal power. d. suggest that decisions are of little practical value. e. imply that those in power do not have the good of the public in mind when making important decisions. ANS: B REF: Why Is Government Necessary? 8. Totalitarianism as a concept means a. the government controls all aspects of the political and social life of a nation. b. the condition of having no government and no laws. c. the ultimate political authority is vested in the people. d. a limited republic where people elect officials to make decisions for them for a specific period of time. e. a unified government. ANS: A REF: Democracy and Other Forms of Government 9. Authoritarianism means that a. the government has popular legitimacy. b. a dictator controls the government but not the rest of society. c. the government is strong. d. the government is in the hands of a small group. e.
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