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Mid-term Exam Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. Politics is a. a process that regulates conflict within a society. b. a struggle over power or influence within organizations or informal groups. c. a type of anti-social behavior by individuals. d. fundamentally irrelevant. e. both a and b. ____ 2. One of the original purposes of government is a. security, or order. b. liberty, or freedom. c. promoting equality among citizens. d. promoting economic development. e. both c and d. ____ 3. Liberty is a. a value that can be invoked against government. b. a value that can be promoted by government. c. both a and b. d. incompatible with government. e. a uniquely American value. ____ 4. The initiative is a. a way to remove a public official from office before the end of his or her elected term. b. a procedure used in Congress to prevent the passage of a bill by talking it to death. c. provided for in the Bill of Rights. d. a constitutional mechanism that is unique to California. e. a procedure whereby voters can propose a law or amendment within a state. ____ 5. A procedure allowing the people to vote to dismiss an elected official from office before his or her term has expired is called a. a referendum. b. direct democracy. c. a recall. d. an initiative. e. popular sovereignty. ____ 6. A republic is a. conservative. b. a direct democracy. c. a government in which sovereignty rests with the people, not a monarch. d. a totalitarian state. e. a government in which the people directly elect the president. ____ 7. In the United States, the principle for our structure of limited government is found a. in the Magna Carta. b. in the Declaration of Independence. c. in the Articles of Confederation. d. in the Constitution. e. in the Bible. ____ 8. A limited government is based on the principle of
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a. allowing only a set number of new immigrants into the country. b. non-expansion, with the current geographic size of the government as large or small as it can be. c. a limitation on the power of the government. d. a pre-determined period of time for state governments to vote to accept or reject a new contract with the national government. e. a constitution that can be amended. ____ 9. A political culture is a a. written set of codes that dictate political action. b. club that attempts to influence governmental decisions. c. major problem for rulers of stable forms of government. d. patterned set of political beliefs, ideas, and values. e. manifestation of pluralism. ____ 10. A fundamental source of political socialization is a. the American Socialist Party. b. the rapid growth of the federal deficit. c.
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Midterm exam RCC - Mid-term Exam Multiple Choice Identify...

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