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POLS Final Exam Success Guide - POLS 1101 Final Exam...

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POLS 1101 Final Exam Success Guide Chapter One 1. Define the purpose of government. 2. Describe the difference between an initiative, referendum and recall. 3. List four major political ideologies in America today. Chapter Two 1. Before the current Constitution was adopted, what was the first form of government in the U.S.? 2. In 1803, what court case allowed the judicial branch the power to review acts and decisions of the executive and legislative branches? 3. Amendments to the constitution can be achieved by what methods? 4. While drafting the constitution, what was the Great Compromise or Connecticut Compromise? 5. When the constitution was ratified, the right to vote was restricted to _____ (what demographic groups.)
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Chapter Three 1. Define federalism. 2. The powers given to the national government include the implied, expressed and inherited powers. The Necessary and Proper Clause or Elastic Clause is considered an _____power. 3. Provide an example of concurrent powers shared between the national government and the states. 4. Explain the powers granted to the national government by the Supreme Court Case, McCulloch v. Maryland, (1819). 5. Define police powers. Chapter Four 1. Explain the court case Miranda vs. Arizona, (1961). 2. Define prior restraint. 3. Define habeas corpus. 4. The term for the protection from being tried twice by a government entity for the same crime is called ___. 5. Which clause of the Constitution provides for a “wall of separation” between church and state? 6.
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POLS Final Exam Success Guide - POLS 1101 Final Exam...

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