Only the sexiest document alive.... if it were alive of course

Only the sexiest document alive.... if it were alive of course

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VII. Drugs and Health, 1800-1914 Opium: Derived from the dried juice of the seed pod of the white poppy (Papaver somniferum = sleep) Active ingredient = morphine (from Morpheus, Greed god of dreams) Used since antiquity to promote sleep and relieve pain Laudanum: chief painkiller of 1800s 1800s: opium used in “baby farming” to keep children quiet and manageable Thomas De Quincey (English; 1785-1859) Confessions of an English Opium Eater (1821) 1806: morphine isolated 1855: hypodermic syringe introduced Morphine addiction became especially common after the Civil War: “the army disease” Opiate dependency also came from use of “patent medicines” Morphine addiction recognized by 1880: “morphinomania” 1870s: Chinese immigrants brought opium smoking into the US Reading # 12: T. D. Crothers, Morphinism and Narcomanias From Other Drugs (1902) Cocaine: from leaves of the coca plant; a central nervous system stimulant 1860: cocaine isolated from coca leaves, and immediately adopted for treatment of neurasthenia 1860’s: Vin Mariani 1880’s: Coca Cola Origininally alcohol and caffeine Temperance took out alcohol, made it a temperance friendly drink Added cocaine and koca nuts from Africa Had cocaine for first 10 years Drink brought about criminals that were hyped up on Coca-cola By 1900 they removed cocaine 1884: local anesthetic properties of cocaine discovered In 1884, opthalogists dropped cocaine into eye to do surgery Also used for toothaches Used as a general topical anestheatic,, nose inflammation suppressant In 1905, novacaine, the “new Caine” was made, could be injected as a local anesthetic Novacaine is not addictive By 1890, cocaine recognized to be addictive Recognized as an evil drug because of this Blacks become scapegoat of cocaine Crack houses People thought blacks sold cocaine from the south in order to get the whites hooked to get back for slavery 1899: Heroin synthesized; introduced as cure for morphine addiction Bayer was trying to make aspirin Synthesized a new pain releaver from morphine, called heroin because it was to
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be the hero drug This was introduced in 1899 and was prescribed to morphine addicts and as a cough suppressant By 1905, they realized that heroin is more addictive than morphine or cocaine and stop prescribing 1914: Harrison Narcotics Act Outlawed narcotics, including opium, coca leaves, production and use Marijuana joins this in the 1830s This drives the price of drugs up, black markets are formed, crime, etc VIII. ATHLETICISM AND THE PROMOTION OF PHYSICAL AND MORAL HEALTH (1850-1905) I. THE INCREASING POPULARITY OF PLAY, GAMES AND SPORTS (1800- 1860) A. INFLUENCE OF BRITISH ELITE AND BRITISH PUBLIC (PRIVATE) SCHOOLS Sports are very developed in England, come over to the United States Oxford and Cambridge weree highly evolved in area, Yale and Harvard try to emulate
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Only the sexiest document alive.... if it were alive of course

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