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Bio220 Study questions: Week1 Autumn 09 Know what the following are: leaf epidermis ground tissue phloem cortex pericycle What is unique about the “plants”? Plants are “autotrophs”. What is the “autotroph”? – plants create their own source of energy, auto meaning self. They are at the very bottom of the food chain for the most part (minus a few plants that are carnivores) Axillary bud stomata vasculature/vascular vascular cambium pith endodermis shoot meristem trichome bundle wood & bark branched (lateral) root primary growth secondary growth root dermal tissue root hair xylem root cap The plant body is made of two “systems”. Name them, and describe about their functions. – The two systems are the root and shoot. The root’s main function is to gather water, minerals, and ions in order to keep the cells hydrated and functioning. It is made up of a primary root with lateral branch roots and a root cap and the tip. Beneath the Root cap lies the Root apical meristem RAM which is where growth originates in the downward motion. The cross section of a root will show that the vascular tissue is gathered together in the center with the xylem. The shoot is composed of repeating segments of node, internode, petiole, leaf. The main function of the shoot is to produce leaves to photosynthesize to provide energy for growth and sustaining life. List three examples of meristematic tissues (tissues consists of undifferentiated ‘stem cells’) that give rise to plant organs. Indicate what will develop from each meristematic tissue. Protoderm – dermal tissue. Ground meristem – ground cells. Procambium – vascular bundles Draw a representative plant. Where would you find apical meristems on this plant? Circle.
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Plant structure is modular, which structural units repeating themselves. Sketch such a module, labeling its defining parts. Some plants (such as Coleus) are bushy with many branches coming off the main stem. From what structure are these branches derived? Sketch a vascular bundle from a (dicot) root and (dicot) stems in cross section. Label the phloem, xylem, pericycle, endodermis, pith, and epidermis on each sketch as appropriate. Where do these tissues originate from? Describe how branched roots are formed. Describe the difference between the
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exam 1 Study questions - Bio220 Study questions: Week1...

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