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Essay Question: Globalization means that there is no alternative to neoliberalism! Discuss. (In your answer be sure to explain all of the following: the historical emergence of neoliberalism, its legitimation through appeals to globaloney, its 10 major policy norms and the 10 contrasting policy norms commonly proposed as alternatives by critics.) Possible Questions: Draw a diagram of a simple commodity chain Define outsourcing and offshoring? What does TINA stand for? What is the Œrace to the bottom¹? What have been the three main phases of capitalist development globally? What does LIBOR stand for? What are the WSF and WEF? Where can you find the annual corporate proxy statement (titled "DEF 14A") that includes complete information on executive compensation for TNCs that report to the US Securities and Exchanges Commission or SEC? STUDY GUIDE: globalization: the extension, acceleration, and intensification of consequential worldwide interconnections Globalization: an instrumental term or political 'buzzword' put to work in shaping as well as representing the growth of global interdepency, generally depicts the three myths of Globalization: inevitability, leveler, and newness Capitalism : economic system that depends on growth; need profits, new markets, cheaper inputs, and competition profits: necessary to stay in business, sum of profits add up to growth new markets: always searching to find new places to expand and sell their commodities cheaper inputs: when competing with one another to survive and make higher profits, capitalists are always searching for ways to cut costs competition: to speed up production and sales process so they can produce profits faster Four Key Parts of Capitalism: 1. commodities and commodity chains : the chains of economic links that lead from the production and processing of raw materials to the manufacturing of sub-components to the work of assembly or packaging to the final sale of a product in the market. 2. workers: the workers produce the profit that business needs to survive and are also the consumers that must purchase the goods in order for profits to be realized double dependency 3. interdependencies of money: abstract representation of the value produced by human work, and represents all the transnational ties of production and consumption 4. interdependencies of the law : even laissez faire capitalist systems need laws to make free trade work in practice
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TINA= Margaret Thatcher's conclusion about Globalization in the 1980's: There Is No Alternatives NAFTA: North American Free Trade Agreement=regional free trade WTO: World Trade Organization, liberalize int'l trade by enforcing free trade rules, privitaze formerly
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gillians study guide - Essay Question: Globalization means...

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