Globalization means that there is no alternative to neoliberalism

Globalization means that there is no alternative to neoliberalism

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Globalization means that there is no alternative to neoliberalism? Intro In the fast times of the modern world, products that we use on a daily basis have a much more interesting story behind them than meets the eye. The places where manufacturing factories are and the people who make our household goods, accessories, clothing, and anything else imaginable has been fine tuned to be more efficient than ever before. It’s called globalization and some believe that a state of little or no government control over trade is inevitable due to it. What do you think? History Keynesian/ welfare state liberalism John madard Keynes believed that the trade should be more regulated by gov’t Regulations on factories that were harsh on the economy, bad working conditions, unions
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Unformatted text preview: developed, government money to healthcare and education Neoliberal • After market crash in 80s, big companies wanted to revert back to the liberal ways before regulations • Offshoring/ horizontal integration • Transnational companies • Sourcing efficiency/race to bottom Ten commandments of neoliberalism and their counter arguments Legitamization of globologney • New- colonies • Inevitable- we have regulations to make sure that neoliberalism doesn’t spread so in that same fashion we can make rules and regulations to ensure that globalization doesn’t spread. • Leveler- third world countries are being conclusion...
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