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List 6 letters which are canonized but which have disputed authorship among scholars. Give at least one example for each of why they are disputed. Compare paul’s treatment of the value of ritual membership in the Torah covenant in Romans with his treatment in Galatians. What is significant about the differences? Explain why paul’s response might have been a bit different. What controversy might Paul be addressing when he utilizes the images of Abraham’s seed in Galatians 3 and romans 4?
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Unformatted text preview: Paul addresses certain “opponents” in a few of his letters. Explain who Pauls opponents were in Galatians, 2 corinthians, and Philippians. What were they doing? What methods does Paul take to refute them? Use evidence from at least two of the undisputed letters to explain why the eschatological understanding presented in 2 thessalonians (a disputed letter) has sometimes lead scholars to question it authorship....
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