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Final draft term essay relig 200 - 1 Emily Tsiao Religion...

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1 Emily Tsiao Religion 220: Introduction to New Testament Essay: The Disciples “Get it”, to an Extent There is a passage in the gospels of the New Testament that addresses the disciples understanding of who Jesus is, though with some key differences in context and detail. The following analysis will assume the Two Source theory as its working hypothesis, but will leave the parallels in John unclear as to its dependence on Matthew, Mark, Luke or derivations from other related sources. In the Gospel of Mark, the section includes several parts that are known themes in this gospel. The author uses a series of rhetorical questions in order to attempt to explain the symbolic meaning of the yeast of the Pharisees (Mark 8:16-21). Mark, in general, fully utilizes the literary power of irony and this passage in support. The disciples clearly know that when Jesus broke five loaves for the five thousand that there were twelve baskets full of broken bread left and that there were seven baskets full of leftover bread when Jesus broke seven loaves for four thousand because they were there. But the author takes advantage of this part of Jesus’ dialogue to remind the readers of the power that Jesus possesses. These verses are also an example of the author’s sense of eschatological urgency as the words of Jesus seem to be interpreted as warnings. Later in the passage, Mark defines Jesus as “the Messiah” and continues as Jesus prophesizes His fate on earth (Mark 8:29-32). What is strikingly different from Mark’s version of this telling from the other gospels is that it states that Jesus will “after 3 days rise again” which infers that he will already have risen a first time when that occurs (Mark 8:31). It is likely
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2 that this variation in the text is a result from the author of Mark’s own point of view as opposed to being a consequence of referencing the other gospels. It is also, always, possible that this is a result of a translating error that occurred sometime in this gospel’s history. Only in Mark does it
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Final draft term essay relig 200 - 1 Emily Tsiao Religion...

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