relig essay details - DUE: May21-22 in section meetings....

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DUE: May21-22 in section meetings. 20% of course grade. HARD COPY ONLY! LATE PAPERS ARE SUBJECT TO PENALTY OF -.3 PER CALENDAR DAY LATE. You are to write an essay of about 4-5 pages, double-spaced, comparing/contrasting the synoptic passage assigned (see Synopsis ), discussing the way the depiction of this scene in each case may reflect redactional interests and tendencies of that particular author that can also be seen elsewhere in that gospel. Read very carefully the instructions below. Also, you should at some point view the Powerpoint presentation on "Writing the Essay." Finally, after reading the instructions below, you can view a Sample Essay Assignment on a different attached synoptic section (which appears in the last pages of the sample). This sample illustrates in general the kinds of things you should be doing in this essay. It is only a sample, and your essay certainly does not have to imitate every feature in the sample. But it does provide you with a guide that may help avoid some common mistakes. The purpose of the assignment is to allow you to study something of how texts such as these “work.” In particular, you will be studying how a common tradition can be shaped and serve to function in rather different ways in different gospels, and why. You should learn to appreciate the importance of understanding the individual gospel context in which tradition is found. Your essay should therefore reflect an understanding of the overall character of each of the gospels in question that is informed by the class lectures and section discussions, and your reading in the textbooks. By the time you turn in the paper, the class lectures and discussions and the readings in the textbooks should have provided you with opportunity to develop a familiarity with general features that are characteristic of each of the gospels in question. The lectures and readings will provide illustrations of the kind of evidence you are looking for in this essay—narrative details and stylistic tendencies that reveal something of a given gospel author’s special concerns and
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relig essay details - DUE: May21-22 in section meetings....

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