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exercise 6 for real 12.02.09

exercise 6 for real 12.02.09 - still mythological image-The...

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Emily Tsiao Art History 201 Exercise #6: Roman Patronage in the House of the Vettii, Pompeii The Vettii brothers would have chosen these three particular myths because they all contain an underlying theme of justice being served as the evildoers are punished for their misdeeds. I believe that they opted to have them painted in that particular way because as wealthy and successful men themselves, they likely wished for their walls to be filled with images that reminded them of what would happen to them if they abused their authority in their community. -the colors that are used in each of the paintings place an emphasis on the central figure who is positioned accordingly in each work as they are framed by other figures to complete the
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Unformatted text preview: still mythological image-The moments that the Vettii In your opinion, why would the Vettii brothers have chosen these three particular myths, and opted to have them painted in the particular way that they did? Please write your claim as a single sentence, then support it with 1 page of evidence, written as bullet points To help formulate your answer, you might consider: the composition of the panels; the colors used; the events they depict (and the moment they focus on); details that their stories share; or the abstract themes that unify (or divide) them....
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