Bizzell questions 10.20.09

Bizzell questions 10.20.09 - Emily Tsiao English 131 Hybrid...

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Emily Tsiao English 131 Hybrid Academic Discourses What tone does Bizzell use? -Bizzell uses a formal tone because she is talking to an academic audience as well as using her tone to reflect the topic of her essay and it’s relation to writing. This is evident in the professional word choice that is invoked along with professional sources that compliment her tone. Who is her audience? -Bizzell’s audience is an academic one, likely knowledgeable students or co-working professors that understand her structured writing. This is an obvious assumption that the author made which is how we can tell who her audience is. What does she hope to achieve? -I believe that with this essay Bizzell hopes to achieve is to provide evidence for her audience to understand her belief that there is such a thing as academic discourse, and even still say that I think it should be taught to students who are unfamiliar with it. Traditional Academic Discourse is evolved from a academic discourse community which is where students are in their language using practices when they come to college and then they learn to write within the traditional academic discourse and leave behind their home discourses
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Bizzell questions 10.20.09 - Emily Tsiao English 131 Hybrid...

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