A Midsummer Nights Dream

A Midsummer Nights Dream - she is his slave and will do...

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A Midsummer Nights Dream 1. Yes, the story a midsummer nights dream is indeed on the fact that love  makes everyone a fool. Love is a magical and you will be lucky if you have it in  your life. Once you do, you will do anything to keep it going. I think that the four  lovers were defiantly made fools in love, on the other hand who isn’t. A person in  love needs no other explanation meaning that love has no boundries and when  you’re in love it’s hard to explain but just so easy to see.  2. Yes, Hermia and Helena in my opinion are treated more foolishly than the  males. For example, when Helena has to keep on chasing Lysander and begging  him for his love kind of makes her seem lowly and desperate. Also when she  calls her self his dog she is again putting herself in a low position by saying that 
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Unformatted text preview: she is his slave and will do whatever he says for his love. I wouldn’t exactly say that this certain play was a commentary on gender but on love. The women in the play were treated pretty fairly in my opinion and had there say in a portion of arguments (when Hermia wanted to marry Lysander she ended up doing so) We can interpret the fact that they are just as foolish as the guys by how they act. For example, how Hermia attacked Helena when Lysander said he loved her and not Hermia. As I said earlier, when Helena kept on stalking Demetrius and begging him for his love also showed how foolish she was. 3. Yes indeed, Shakespeare holds the fairy world above all others by describing it as a “mystic and magical place”. 4....
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