Cells and Cell Systems

Cells and Cell Systems - cell membrane • Several smaller...

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Cells and Cell Systems Unicellular organisms perform the same basic functions as multicellular  organisms Many   unicellular   organisms   are   also   called   microorganisms.   Some  microorganisms are harmful while others are helpful Unicellular organisms obtain food and get rid of excess water and waste Cells are specialized to carry out specific functions Plant cells with thick cell walls provide support and strength Cell Cilia allow movement of cells or movement of materials outside cells Red blood cells can carry oxygen to all the cells of the body. Special white  blood cells can engulf invaders Cells are generally more efficient when they work together to perform a  special function. Nutrients move into a cell and waste is removed from a cell through the 
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Unformatted text preview: cell membrane • Several smaller cells are more efficient than one larger cell because the ratio of surface area to volume is greater • Cells in the human body are organized into tissues • Nerve ,Muscle, blood, connective and epithelial are types of tissues that are found throughout the body • The cells in tissues are all alike or very similar and have the same function • Groups of tissues are organized into organs. Groups of organs are reffered to as organ systems. • The brain, heart , kidneys, lungs and stomach are examples of organs that have one or more types of tissues • The •...
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Cells and Cell Systems - cell membrane • Several smaller...

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