Biography - is Natalie Moran When Ryan Grows up he wants to...

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Biography Ryan Dutton was born on February 24 1995 in the Queen Elisabeth  hospital in England. Before he came to Vancouver B.C. this August,  Ryan  lived   in  Charlotte  town  PEI.   Ryan   has   five  siblings.  There  names are, Calvin who is 21, Liam who is 19, Kieran who is 16, Kyle  who is 15 and Sasha who is 31.  He is the most closest to Kyle.  His  favorite color is lime green.  His favorite store is Aeropoastle. Ryan  loves Chinese food especially noodles. His favorite sport is Soccer.  Ryan’s most enjoyed movie was SAW 4. Ryan’s current love interest 
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Unformatted text preview: is Natalie Moran. When Ryan Grows up he wants to go to Brown University to then peruse a career of an English teacher. His dream pet is a black and brown chiwawa. After he is finished with university, Ryan wants to get married to a model when he is 25. He wants to have two kids. He hopes to name them Jayden and Ashley. For his honeymoon, he wants to go to Greece, Brazil or China. Ryan wants to retire when he is 61. When Ryan retires, he wants to take a world tour or a cruise around the world. By Salimah Jamal...
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