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Deviance Midterm Study Guide The following represents a guide to help you study for the midterm on April 30 th . This is just a guide and in no way represents everything that is present on the exam. The exam will cover all readings (those covered in class and not in class) as well as all lectures. Just looking over the lectures will not prepare you entirely for the exam. The exam is 40 questions multiple choice. Know the following terms, people (their research), and concepts: Erickson and the self-fulfilling prophecy Changing or Maintaining Deviance All Theoretical Perspectives Covered in Class and in the Text Apostasy Breaking away from their religion or group? And they criticize it. Fanaticism Too much into something, a fanatic; strong believer in a religion, group, sport, etc. Becker’s research (Labeling Theory) Locates the root of deviance, It is the label that society puts on them: deviant. Application by others: reponses by others , created by society. Deviance lies in the eye of the beholder. Some group defines the act as deviant. Labeling Theory How they are defined as deviant; the interaction between society and the individual. Cultural Relativism
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Deviance+Midterm+Study+Guide - Deviance Midterm Study Guide...

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