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HILD 12: 20 th -Century East Asia (Spring 2010) Professor Henry Lecture Outline (4-7): Expressions of Korean Nationalism and the March 1 st Movement (1919) I. National Politics in the Context of Imperialist Modernization (1876-1910) A. The Kapsin Coup (1884): Stalled Attempt at Meiji-Style “Revolution” 1. Kapsin Reform Edict by Kim Okkyun (1851-1893) B. The Kabo Reforms (1894): Korean Modernization under Imperial Duress C. The Independence Club (1896-98): Toward a Popular Rights Movement II. National Politics in the Context of Early Japanese Colonialism (1905-1919)
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Unformatted text preview: A. The Patriotic Enlightenment Movement B. The Righteous Army Movement C. Annexation (1910) and “Military Rule ” (1910-19) III. The March 1 st Movement (1919) A. Local Forces: De-politicization and Resentment under “Military Rule” B. Regional Forces: Korean Youth Studying in Japan C. Global Forces: Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points (1918) and Self-Determination IV. National Politics after The March 1 st Movement A. Politics in Exile: Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea (1919-) B. “Cultural Rule ” (1919-36)...
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