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HILD 12: 20 th -Century East Asia (Spring 2010) Professor Henry Lecture Outline (4-5): Imperial Liberalism in Taishō Japan (1912-26) I. The Sino-Japanese War as Watershed (continued from 4-2) A. Imperial Japan as New Regional Power in East Asia B. Anti-Imperial Nationalism in Korea, Taiwan, China C. Mass Politics Address Questions of Empire: Example of Hibiya Riot (1905) II. The Path toward a Modern Political System in Meiji Japan (1868-1912) A. The Meiji “Revolution” (1868): From Decentralized Domains to a Centralized Nation-State B. The Charter Oath (1868): A Blueprint 1. Deliberative assemblies shall be widely established and all matters decided by open discussion. 2. All classes, high and low, shall be united in vigorously carrying out the administration of affairs of state. 3. The common people, no less than the civil and military officials, shall all
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Unformatted text preview: be allowed to pursue their own calling so that there may be no discontent. 4. Evil customs of the past shall be broken off and everything based upon the just laws of Nature. 5. Knowledge shall be sought throughout the world so as to strengthen the foundation of imperial rule. C. The Popular Rights Movement (1874-84): Challenge to Meiji Oligarchy D. The Meiji Constitution (1889): Imperial Sovereignty with Limited Rights E. Politics in Late Meiji Japan: Older Oligarch Advisors VS Party Politicians III. Imperial Liberalism in Taish Japan (1912-26) A. Yoshino Sakuz (1878-1933): Government for the People, not by the People B. Social Turmoil: Urban Rice Riots (1918) and Rural Unrest C. The Governments Response: Universal Manhood Suffrage Act (1925) and Peace Preservation Law (1925)...
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