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HILD 12: 20 th -Century East Asia (Spring 2010) Professor Henry Lecture Outline (4-14): The “Modern Girl”: Women and Modernity I. Material Background: Example of Japanese Capitalism and its Social Effects (1868-1916) continued from 4-12 A. New Trunk Association : A Temporary Reunion (1927-31) II. Gender as Analytic of Power Inequalities III. The De-Politicization and Re-Politicization of Women in Modern East Asia A. “Good Wife, Wise Mother ” Ideology in Meiji Japan (1868-1912) B. The “New Woman ” in Early Twentieth Century Japan 1. Hiratsuka Raicho
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Unformatted text preview: (1886-1971) C. The New Woman in Mid-Colonial Korea (1920s-1930s) 1. Kim Hwallan (1899-1970) D. Korean New Women as Secular Feminists 1. Kim Wnju (1896-1971) E. The Emergence of the Modern Girl across East Asia (1920s-1930s) F. Modern Girl as Sex Object G. Similar Modern Girl Aesthetics: Mirror Gazing H. Local Variations on Global Themes: Traditional Beauty with Modern Products I. Chinese Modern Girl as Power Struggle over Gendered Roles and Identities...
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