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HILD 12: 20 th -Century East Asia (Spring 2010) Professor Henry Lecture Outline (6-2): Youth Cultures in Contemporary East Asia I. Historical Contexts for a New Era in Japan (1990’s) A. The Bubble Economy Bursts B. Restructuring of the Economy and the Effects of “Hollowing Out” C. Political Malaise: LDP Loses Control of Diet D. Death of Hirohito, Shōwa Emperor (r. 1925-89) and the Rise of Neo- Nationalism
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Unformatted text preview: E. Neo-Nationalist Critiques of Today’s Youth II. Contemporary Youth Cultures as Social and Cultural Discontent A. Expressions of Alienation and Lack of Place B. Problems for Women and the Phenomenon of “Single Parasites” C. “Freeters”: Japan’s Part-Time Workers D. The Emergence of Queer Sexualities as Response to New Era of Flux...
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