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1.1Intro-Oscillations_001 - Course Information Physics 1C...

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1 Instructor: Melvin Okamura email: [email protected] Physics 1C Waves, optics and modern physics Course Information Course Syllabus on the web page http://physics.ucsd.edu/ students/courses/spring2010/physics1c Instructor: Mel Okamura – [email protected] Office: 4517Mayer Hall Addition Office Hrs. Wed 2-3 pm or by appointment TA: Parit Agarwal Office: TBA Office Hrs: TBA Text. Physics 1 Serway and Faughn, 7 th edition, UCSD custom edition. Volume 1 and Volume 2 Class Schedule Lectures – Tu, Thu. 11:00-12:20 pm York Hall 2722 Quizzes – Third Thu (see schedule) – 11:00-12:200 pm York Hall 2722 Problem Session – Wed. 8:00-9:50 York 2622 Grades Quizzes (3) will be held on Thu as scheduled. You are allowed to drop 1 quizzes. There will be no make-up quizzes. Final exam covering the whole course. The final grade will be based on Quizzes 60% (best 2 out of 3 quizzes) Final exam 40% Extra credit 5% (clicker responses) Homework Homework will be assigned each week. Homework will not be graded but quiz questions will resemble the homework. Solutions to the homework problems will be posted on the web page. Clickers Interwrite Personal Response System (PRS) Available at the bookstore Clicker questions will be asked during class. Student responses will be recorded. 2 points for each correct answer 1 point for each incorrect answer. The clicker points (up to 5% ) will be added to your score at the end of the quarter
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2 Laboratory The laboratory is a separate class which will be taught by Professor Anderson.
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