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1 2.2 Beats, Doppler, Light Beats Doppler Effect. Shock Waves Electromagnetic Waves Beats Superposition of two waves with different frequencies produce oscillation in amplitude. T b = =− b2 1 b 1 ff f T Beat Frequency Tuning musical instruments Beats are observed when two instruments have different frequencies The beat frequency for two musical instruments is zero when the two are in tune. Doppler Effect Doppler effect- the shift in frequency of a wave where the source and observer are moving relative to one another. Doppler effect Two different cases: Observer moving – Relative velocity changes Source moving- Wavelength changes λ = v f Observer moving toward a Stationary source (Relative Velocity Increases) + = λ o o s vv f •Relative velocity of wave (v o + v ) increases. •Frequency increases + == + oo ss v f( 1 ) f Positive direction toward source
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2 Observer moving away from a stationary source (Relative velocity decreases) V o Relative velocity of wave (v+v o ) decreases. Frequency decreases. Negative direction away from source oo os s vv v ff ( 1 ) f + == + v o is negative Source moving toward a stationary observer (wavelength in the medium decreases) •When the source is moving the wavelength of the wave in the media is changed • source approaches observer A •Wavelength decreases and frequency heard by observer A increases • Source moves away from observer B. •Wavelength increases and frequency heard by observer B decreases . v Source Moving Toward observer A •Wavelength decreases o ss s s f vT vT vT λ− s v = Moving Source Observer λ=λ − •Frequency increases Distance traveled by source in one period v s Positive direction toward observer Source Moving Away from observer B •Wavelength increases s
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2.2Beats.DopplerShift_001 - Beats 2.2 Beats, Doppler, Light...

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