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1 3.1 Reflection and Refraction • Geometrical Optics • Reflection • Refraction • Total Internal Refraction • Dispersion Christian Huygens Geometrical optics In geometrical optics light waves are considered to move in straight lines. This is a good description as long as the waves do not pass through small openings (compared to λ ) Light waves (surfaces with constant phase - e.g. maxima ) perpendicular to wave fronts Rays are not physical entities but are a convenient representation of a light wave. Wave front Rays are perpendicular to wave fronts Reflection • Two general types of reflection – Specular reflection – Diffuse reflection • Most of geometric optics deals with specular reflection. • However, most of the time ambient lighting is due to diffuse reflection. Specular reflection Diffuse reflection Flat surface Light reflected in one direction Rough surface Light reflected in all directions
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2 Transmission and Reflection at an interface Transmission Reflection Absorption x Incident wave medium 1 medium 2 Specular Reflection Diffuse reflection (scattering) Transmission Absorption What are some examples of these processes in this picture. Law of Reflection The angle of reflection equals the angle of incidence Angle of incidence Angle of reflection ' 11 θ=θ Reflecting surface Full length mirror A 6 ft tall man wants to install a mirror tall enough to see his whole body. How tall a mirror is needed?
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3.1ReflectionandRefraction_001 - 3.1 Reflection and...

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