5.2Two-slitinterference - Interference Effects Interference...

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1 5.2 Interference Coherence Two-Slit Interference Thin film Interference Interference Effects Interference is a general property of waves. A condition for interference is that the wave source is coherent. Interference between two waves gives characteristic interference patterns due to constructive and destructive interference . Coherence For two waves to show interference they must have coherence. Two waves are coherent if one wave has a constant phase relation to the other coherent incoherent phase shift x 2 φ= π λ x Coherence Light from two separate light bulbs is Incoherent Light from a single light bulb passing through a small slit is coherent Laser light is coherent Interference δ =0 Sum Constructive Interference λ E Distance -> Interference δ = 2 λ Destructive Interference distance E
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2 Interference δ = λ Constructive Interference path difference path difference = δ =r 2 –r 1 In phase Condition for constructive interference m δ λ = Condition for destructive interference 1 () 2 m =+ m = 0 + 1, + 2,…. r 1 r 2 Superposition of waves at A shows interference due to path differences A Order number m Coherent waves barrier Interference pattern of water waves Interference Pattern Constructive Destructive Interference pattern due to two spherical waves Coherent
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5.2Two-slitinterference - Interference Effects Interference...

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