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Instructions forAnnual Editions

Instructions forAnnual Editions - PAPER STRUCTURE 7 In the...

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Sharon Rachele ANT 102 SPRING 2010 ANNUAL EDITIONS ANTHROPOLOGY 09/10 DIRECTIONS FOR ARTICLES 1. Five articles are assigned for the semester. One every other week. Check assignment page. 2. Select one of the three articles listed for each due date. 3. Write a two page, typed paper based on the article you chose to read. The paper should include the following: A. Write an abstract of the article B. Create an outline of the article C. Write an analysis of the article; the relevance to class material. D. How does the article add to your general knowledge? Give examples 4. On Wednesday of each week an article is due, be prepared to discuss the article with a small group. The group will submit answers to questions handed out during class. 5. The paper must be turned in during class on the date it is due to receive credit. 6. To receive credit for in-class discussion you must have your paper with you.
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Unformatted text preview: PAPER STRUCTURE 7. In the top right hand corner, include your name, the class title and number (ANT 102) and the due date of the paper. (Refer to the top of this page) 8. Title your paper with the name of the article. 9. Use one inch margins, top, bottom, and both sides of the paper. The font may not be larger than 12, and line spacing is to be 1.5. 10. The paper must be typed to receive credit. GRADING 11. Each paper is worth 10 points. The points you receive will be determined by content and length of the paper. 12. Taking part in the discussion of the article is worth 5 points. You must be present when discussion begins to receive full credit. 13. There are 75 points available for this assignment. 14. Any questions, concerns, etc. may be directed to me during class, through e-mail, or during office hours....
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