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Paden Allen CHEM 107-513 16 September 2008 Chemistry 107 Lab Report #2: Aqueous Solutions and Solution Stoichiometry Summary The purpose of this lab was to better understand the differences between electrolytes and non- electrolytes through measuring the conductivity of various liquids. We also were to learn about the acid/base reaction in which a precipitate forms and ultimately determine when an equal number of moles have been added known as the equivalence point, thus increasing our understanding stoichiometry. Experimental Data Part A- Part B Concentration of H 2 SO 4 : 0.08 M Volume at Equivalence Point: 80mL Concentration of Ba(OH)
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Unformatted text preview: 2 : 0.0914 M Conclusion The lab was successful in providing a basic understanding of electrolytes and how they correspond with conductivity. The lab was successful in conveying the concepts learned in class about mixing solutions and understanding their end result. There does appear to be a slight error in our readings on the conductivity for HCl, however it can be noted that the values that we compared it to were slightly higher, thus not alter our results too much. This possible subtle error could be due to an error in gauging the conductivity or poor instrumentation...
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