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Unformatted text preview: Kiest Hall Dorm 2 Room 121 College Station, TX 77840 210-240-4355 [email protected] February 19, 2010 High School Students Our Town High School 555 Our Street Our Town, TX 12121 High School Students, I would like to express my excitement and appreciation for your interest in the field of Materials Engineering. As one of the most diverse and critical subjects of Civil Engineering, I am glad to see students taking interest as Materials Engineers are responsible for finding new ways to make things such as cement for roads and concrete for buildings. In fact, without this field of engineering, many things you see and experience daily would not exist! Those in the career field have been called “materials investigators” as much of what we do is analyze existing materials to understand what their weaknesses and limitations are and then try to change their properties, creating new materials that outperform their predecessor. For instance, we might look at a certain type of rubber for car tires and realize that they brittle and break when...
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