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CVEN207paper7 - projected demand by the year 2050 lt in a...

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rams involving free ultra-low flush toilets to low-income households and rebates for purchase of the fixtures to other customers. ed waterwise landscape. In 2001, the program saved an estimated 314 acre-feet at a cost of $253 per acre-foot. eet the needs of a typical family for a year. ar. nd public use.
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Unformatted text preview: projected demand by the year 2050. lt in a 22-gallon per capita per day savings in 2050 over current rates of municipal water use. 2050 er. er will keep most Texas grasses alive and healthy. mist and that send droplets out on a low angle also help control evaporation. f water and prevent watering in the rain. T: CONSERVE WATER!...
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