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Introduction to Civil Engineering Design
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Unformatted text preview: CEE 110 Introduction to Civil Engineering Design Lecture Instructor: Edward S. Neumann Lab Instructors: Ahmad Kouhpaenejad (Computer) Veronica Villalobos (English skills) Jeffrey Jensen (Google Earth) Learning Outcomes Introduction to problem solving strategies used in design Preparation for working on teams Introduction to sustainability in design Introduction to Federal Acts that influence civil engineering design (land development) Development of writing skills Format -Lecture Assigned to one of ten teams Four or five students per team Each team is assigned a preliminary design problem related to site development Each problem represents a different civil engineering system, component, or process Each team prepares and submits three reports and one summary as a team, and Each team gives 3 oral presentations Assessment of Writing Skill First assignment will be completed by each individual Due in three weeks (Sept 10) 2 page discussion of the problem you have been assigned Turn in two copies I will grade one copy of the report based on content Our English consultant will read the second copy (she will not grade them for English) and identify your individual writing needs The English consultant will work with you during the lab portion on a one-by-one basis to improve your writing skills Improved report can be turned in again for re-grading of content on November 19 Prepared and graded before the 3 team reports Format Lecture (contd) 7 Lectures on problem solving strategies...
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