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Math Mini-Test, Physics 180,002 Name Solve each problem and put a 'f . Solve for A and v. 4A+2v=4 4v+34=-7 2. The vectors A and B are defined by: r+nA.-+nn A= -21 +4i and B= 3i-i --+ -+ --+ LetC= 2A-3B. FindC. 3. The function f(0 is defined by f(t) a 15 t2 - 3t + 3 sin (2U Find the derivative f'(t). T(tl >lot *?4 6pt ('e) Y"-----*1
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Unformatted text preview: il*$ rll = -r( *r+ -*+ 4. Two vectors, A and B, are drawn in a circle of radius R. Note the definition of the angle 0.-r-{AA Find the difference B - A in terms of R, 0, iand j. 5. See the two right triangles below. Find the side c in terms of Aand 0. )ts Yx l\ n ,/ r -..,&l I \ t; fr- t+ -{L{thf) ['+ {L (n) 6 J Cafrt'*g...
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