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Math Mini-Test #2 *o*. *-. f oL vl1uv Sofve each problem and put a 'W around your answer. Use back if necessary. 1. Solve for x and T 2. The vectors C and D are defined by: NA x+47- 2 2T-3x=$ nn C = -3i+2i and D=2i-4i --+++ FindF=2C-3D J P: A F tL L' T /C I 3. The function f(t) is defined by f(t) = 2ts - 4t2 -z|n t + 2 cos(3t) Find
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Unformatted text preview: f'(t) '{t1 = (+'-JL * * (n^ e 4. Find the components Rx and Rr in terms of the length of the vector R and the angle 0 as shown. problem 4 problem 5 5. Consider the two right triangles show above. Right angles are marked. Find the ( f f) ) q- 6 bL fio length b in terms of a and e. {Lp= - (l fi,6 ct( 6...
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